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Fairy Door Polymer Clay Cutter

Fairy Door Polymer Clay Cutter

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This fairy door polymer clay cutter set is available in four sizes, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm, and 10 cm. The 10 cm life-size fairy door pairs perfectly with the Garden Bench!

We typically suggest using clay with a thickness of 2.5 - 3 mm for our optimal results with our debossing cutters. The smaller fairy doors in this listing are specifically designed to work best with 2.5 mm clay. The 10 cm fairy door cutter is optimized for clay that is approximately 3 mm thick or slightly thicker, allowing for intricate details to shine.

To achieve the right thickness for the 10 cm fairy door, we rolled two slabs of clay to #4 on an Atlas pasta roller (about 1.5 mm). This resulted in a thickness just above 3 mm. 

However, it's important to note that some pasta roller models, such as our Atlas 180, may produce uneven slabs. I encountered this issue myself, where one side was slightly thicker than the other, impacting the uniformity of the final product's details. It's not noticible with smaller cutters, but it was with this big one! 

To address this, I found a simple solution: I rolled one #4 slab, ensuring any excess clay was on the right side. Then, I rolled the second #4 slab with the clay rotated to the left, so that any excess was distributed evenly. By layering these two slabs, with the excess clay from each on opposite sides, I achieved a more consistent thickness across the fairy door.

Regardless of the pasta roller model you use, aiming for a thickness slightly thicker than 3 mm will yield the best results with our fairy door cutter.

What is the recommended thickness of clay for using these cutters?

All of our debossing cutters are designed for use with clay that is approximately 2.5 to 3 mm thick. While outline cutters can be used with various clay thicknesses, smaller or more detailed cutters are generally easier to use with thinner clay.

What is the thickness of the cutting blade on your cutters, and how does it work differently compared to flat blades?

The cutting blade on our polymer clay cutters features a precision 0.1 mm thickness. What sets our cutters apart is their beveled cutting edge design. This unique feature allows the cutters to slice through the clay, pushing the excess material out and away, rather than simply flattening it onto your cutting surface. As a result, you achieve crisp, clean edges with minimal to no need for additional cleanup or sanding, making our cutters some of the sharpest and most efficient on the market.

How do I prevent clay from getting stuck in the cutters?

There are several factors to consider to ensure clay won't become stuck in your cutters: the cutting surface, the clay consistency, the thickness of your clay slab, and the release agent you use. Check out this article and video for a detailed description the techniques you can use to make sure clay won't get stuck in your cutters.

How long does it take to process and ship orders?

All our tools are made to order, and our processing time, or turnaround time, is up to ten business days. Please keep this timeframe in mind when placing your order, and we appreciate your patience as we craft your tools to meet our quality standards.

Can I choose the color of my cutters, or is it random?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the specific color of your cutters because we frequently experiment with new resin colors and shimmer effects. However, we assure you that regardless of the color, our cutters are always sharp and designed to look cute!

Are the cutter measurements exact, or do they have some variation?

While our cutter measurements are approximate, you can expect them to be very close, typically within a millimeter or two of the posted measurements. We strive for accuracy and precision in our products.

Can I use these cutters for food preparation, or are they food safe?

We do not guarantee that our cutters are food safe. They are primarily designed for use with polymer clay and other crafting materials, so we recommend not using them for food preparation to ensure your safety.

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