Unique Polymer Clay Tools

We provide high-quality, super sharp resin polymer clay cutters that remove sanding from the equation!

We also have large silkscreens, easy-to-use texture tools, and vibrant transfer sheets, all made in Hawaii.

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About Resin Cutters...

Most of the homemade cutters on the market today are 3D printed with PLA. These cutters are great, but we went a different route. We chose resin because the printing resolution is higher. The individual lines from the printing process don't show at all so the edges of your clay pieces come out very smooth. Additionally, resin allows us to create a beveled cutting edge on the cutters so that they slice through the clay, pushing the excess clay out and away rather than just smashing it down onto your cutting surface. You're left with crisp, clean edges often with little to no cleanup necessary.

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