Shipping Policy

All of our products are made to order. Our turnaround time for all orders is typically within 10 business days. Choosing Priority shipping or UPS Worldwide Expedited at checkout does not speed up our working time. It only shortens the actual shipping time once we ship your order. 

Domestic Shipping Policy:

We use USPS for shipping within the United States. Delivery time is 2 to 5 business days. Delivery timelines are estimated, not guaranteed. First Class rates are usually between $7 and $9 while Priority rates are between $12 and $14. These are estimates and rates may vary. Shipping will be calculated at checkout. 

We are now offering free shipping on domestic orders over $50! The free-shipping offer is calculated AFTER any discount that may be applied. For the time being this offer only applies to domestic shipments within the United States and U.S. territories. 

International Shipping Policy:

We are currently shipping to Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, the Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. 

We offer flat rate shipping as well as UPS Worldwide Expedited. Flat-rate shipping to Canada is $13USD + Insurance. Flat-rate shipping to all other international destinations is $15USD + Insurance. UPS Expedited is calculated at checkout. Please be prepared for longer shipping times if you choose the flat-rate option. International packages have been taking anywhere between two and eight weeks to arrive at their destination. UPS Expedited packages arrive between 3 and 4 business days. 

Import taxes (VAT) will ONLY be collected at checkout for the UK.  They will not be collected at checkout for shipments to other European countries, Canada, Asia, or Africa.  You may be expected to pay taxes and/or duties upon delivery. 

If we don't currently ship to you, please contact us! We will do our best to add your country to our shipping destinations!

If you entered an incorrect shipping address: 

Please notify us as soon as you notice the address is incorrect. This includes but is not limited to the house number or street name being on the wrong line of the address. If these aren't placed in the correct fields, the address will likely be marked as undeliverable.

If we recieve and respond to your notification before your items ship, we may be able to edit the address before the order is sent out. For our protection and yours, we may cancel the order and ask you to place it again with the correct address. 

The Clay Impress is not responsible for items that could not be shipped to their destination because of an incorrect or undeliverable address. It is the responsibility of the customer to review their shipping address and information for accuracy before completing the purchase.

Refunds will not be issued on the basis of an incorrect address. If a package is shipped back to The Clay Impress due to an incorrect/undeliverable address, shipping charges will not be refunded. You will be given an option to pay a second shipping fee to have the order re-shipped or to have the order refunded, minus the cost of shipping. If your order qualified for free shipping, the cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund. 

In the event that The Clay Impress is unable to create a shipping label for the address provided by the customer, we will attempt to contact you for an address correction via e-mail or text. If no response is received within 48 hours, the entire order will be cancelled and you will be refunded in full.

If you think your domestic package is lost in transit...

USPS advises you to fill out their Help Request Form. If after 7 business days from when you submitted your online help request form your mail or package hasn't arrived, submit a Missing Mail search request.  Here's the USPS site for lost mail:  Missing Mail and Lost Packages | USPS. If you're not able to fill out the form online, you will be able to do so at your local post office.

If your package is marked as delivered, but you do not have it: 

The first thing to do in this case is visit or call your local post office. It's likely that it was marked as delivered too early in the process, but it just hasn't gotten to you yet. Your local post office will be able to confirm if it was delivered and tell you exactly where it was delivered. They may also be able to hand you your package. If you confirm that your package was delivered to your home and it has been stolen, the next step is to report the mail theft to your local police.  We take responsibility for making sure your package is delivered, but we are not responsible for stolen packages. We provide tracking and timely email notifications when items are delivered. It is your responsibility to provide a safe location for the delivery of your packages and/or retrieve them before they are potentially stolen. If you cannot be home to receive a package, make another arrangement or use the USPS Hold Mail Service.

If you receive your order and have damaged or missing items: 

Please contact us within 14 days of receiving your order to report the issue. To report a missing or damaged item, please provide your order number and a description of the issue. Please also send a picture of the items you received and the packing slip.

Please note that many of our items are small and may easily get lost in the packing materials. To be more environmentally friendly, we have chosen not to use single-use plastic to contain our items within shipping boxes. As a result, some items may be more difficult to locate. We may also include small items in the organza bags with other cutter sets (we will often note this on the included packing slip). We ask that you carefully inspect the packing materials and search for the missing item before contacting us.

Additionally, please be aware that certain products, such as silk screens and transfer sheets, are packaged in envelopes, which are commonly placed outside of boxes but inside the overall mailer. It's common for people to overlook checking the mailers and accidentally discard these envelopes.

Since our polymer clay cutters and other similar tools are often sandwiched between two layers of crinkle paper. It's common for people to grab the crinkle paper and accidentally drop the tools onto the floor or to throw the tools away, having not carefully inspected the crinkle paper.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for items that have been accidentally thrown away or misplaced during the unpacking process.

In the event that an item was not delivered or was damaged, we will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, whether that means replacing the missing or damaged item or issuing a refund. Please note that we may request additional information or documentation to verify the issue before taking action.

Please see our Return and Refund Policy for more information. 

If your tracking has stalled or you're worried your international shipment is lost...

Please contact your local post office. It's possible that they have your package even though the tracking information hasn't been updated. We've seen this happen several times as packages don't always get flagged as having left customs. 

Lost Package Refund Policy: 

If you fear that your package is lost because the tracking has stalled and you have not received your package within 20 days (for domestic shipments) or 40 days (for international shipments) of the shipment date, you may contact us and request a refund. Please be aware that the "shipment date" is the day your postage is purchased, not the day you place your order. When you contact us, we will likely ask you to please visit your local post office to see if they may have your package despite tracking not updating to reflect this. If you have visited your local post office and they do not have any additional information or are not able to give you your package, we will submit all of the necessary information to the shipping insurance company for reimbursement of a lost package. The process usually takes two to three weeks.  Once we have received reimbursement, we will issue you a full refund. 

The cutoff date for contacting us about lost packages is 90 days from the date that your package is postmarked (shipped). Our correspondence regarding lost or damaged packages MUST CONCLUDE BEFORE 100 days from the date that your package is postmarked. If this window has passed, you will lose the chance to receive a refund, unless the package is recovered and sent back to us. We will need information from you to submit an insurance claim. Please respond to our messages on the subject as we are working within a narrow deadline to file an insurance claim.  We are not responsible to refund your order if you do not provide us this information within the 100-day window. 

If you're worried your package has been lost and it has not yet been 20 (domestic) or 40 (international) days, please be patient. Covid slowdowns, global supply chain issues, and the holidays are making shipping very unpredictable. Shipping times are only estimated and we cannot do anything on our end to make shipping go faster or make tracking update. All packages are insured so that we are able to offer a refund after 20 or 40 days.