Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will it take to get my tools?

All of our products are made to order.  Once we receive your order, please allow for up to ten business days for processing. Shipping times for USPS are typically between 3 to 5 business days. Delivery timelines are estimated, not guaranteed.

Does paying for faster shipping make your processing time faster?

No. Our processing time is up to seven business days for all orders. Selecting Priority Mail or UPS Worldwide Expedited at checkout only shortens the shipping time itself.

Where do you ship from?

We manufacture and ship everything from Hawaii.  You'd think that would make shipping times longer, but because everything goes airmail, it's actually a lot faster than shipping from most places within the mainland USA. 

How much will shipping cost?

Domestic shipping within the US and US territories typically costs between $7 and $13. These rates are just estimates.  Shipping will be calculated at checkout. 

We are now offering free shipping on domestic orders over $50! For the time being this offer only applies to domestic shipments within the United States and U.S. territories. 

Shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $13USD, which includes insurance. You may also purchase faster shipping through UPS and that starts at about $35.

International shipping to countries other than Canada is a flat rate of $15USD, which includes insurance. You may also purchase faster shipping through UPS and that starts at about $35.

January 4, 2022 Update for shipping to Australia and New Zealand: The Covid shipping restrictions continue to cause problems with our shipments to Australia and New Zealand, but our flat-rate shipments are now taking 4-5 weeks rather than 8-12. Please do not purchase any time-sensitive items as flat-rate shipping times are not guaranteed. If you need your items sooner, we are now offering shipping through UPS. Shipping rates will be calculated at checkout and insurance is included.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship internationally to many countries. Check out Shipping Policy for a full list. We expect to slowly increase the number of countries that we ship to. If we don't currently ship to you, please contact us!  We will do our best to add your country to our shipping destinations ASAP!

I think my package is lost. What do I do?

Please see our Shipping Policy.

My package says it was delivered, but I don't have it.

Please contact your local post office. They're the best resource for you as they were the last people to have your package in-hand. You'll likely have to physically visit as local post-offices commonly don't have the resources to handle calls. Please see our Shipping Policy for more information.

Why didn't I recieve a free cutter(s)?

The freebie cutters are gifts included in all orders of $25 or more, calculated after discounts are applied. This does not include shipping.  If you think you should have received a freebie and didn't, please write us!  We're very sorry to have forgotten to include this gift.  We will send you one immediately! 

What if I already have the freebie cutter and I order over $25 again?

We try to check everyone's previous orders so we don't send duplicates. In this case, we'll usually send another freebie instead, sometimes it will be the same cutter in a different size (as long as you don't already have it). Sometimes we add in a mystery freebie! If you would like duplicates instead of different freebies, please let us know via email or messenger once you place your order.

I keep getting clay stuck in my cutters. What am I doing wrong?

Using detailed cutters can be a bit tricky, as they require specific clay thickness and proper techniques to achieve the best results. To help you master these techniques, we've prepared a comprehensive article and video that provide step-by-step guidance. Check out this resource to enhance your cutter experience.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us. We're here to support you in creating beautiful clay creations.

How do I clean my cutters?

Gently remove any clay stuck in crevices with the included pin tool. Try not to pry clay out as the sideways force may break the cutter. Hand wash only with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol. Scrub when necessary with the included brush. You may also use baby wipes or any soft brush you may have. Firm brushes will scratch the resin.

Which side of silkscreens goes down on the clay?

The smoother, shiny side goes down while the more textured side goes up. The smooth surface of the silk screen should cling to your clay.

How do I clean my silk screens?

After you peel your screen off your clay, immediately submerge the screen into a container of cool water and rub the paint off of it with your fingers or another similarly soft tool or brush. You can also run your screen under cool water, rubbing the paint off as you go.  If you do not immediately clean your screen, the acrylic paint will dry in the mesh, and you won't be able to use your screen again. Check out our article and video on how to use and clean silkscreens: Using and Cleaning Silk Screens

How do I contact you?

Please reach out through our Contact Page or email us at

Do you take custom orders?

Unfortunately, we aren't taking any custom orders at this time.

Do you accept returns?

We do accept returns of unused and undamaged tools. Please see our Return and Refund Policy for more information.

Why is everything in centimeters? I thought you shipped from Hawaii. What gives?

For whatever reason, when working with small clay objects, I prefer to think of things in millimeters and centimeters. As I was going through the 3D modelling process, I just naturally used metric measurements.  I'm including lots of pictures to help you visualize scale.