Recommended Clay Tools

Recommended Clay Tools

I wanted to make it really easy for you to find all of the tools that we use on in our social media videos. Here are a few collections of items that have been essential in my claying journey. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

~ Scarlet V.


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Everyday Tools

This is an exhaustive list of most of the tools that we use every day!
It includes paint pens, circle cutters, rolling pins, tissue blades, varnishes, and more!

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Tools that you will use to safely add UV resin to polymer clay

UV Resin

Here's our recommendations for everthing you'll need to get started with UV resin. Always rememebr to wear gloves and a respirator when working with UV resin.

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Silk Screens

We highly recommend using Liquitex Basics with silk screens due to the paint being heavy-bodied (thick). It wont run and your patterns will be very crisp!

There are also a couple squeegees and a photo album that's just perfect for storing your screens!

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