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Floral Watermelons Transfer Sheets

Floral Watermelons Transfer Sheets

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Our water-soluble transfer sheets are designed for use with polymer clay, offering a simple way to add colorful designs to your projects. This transfer features a floral watermelon pattern. This product listing is for a set of four transfer sheets. Here's what else you need to know:

Ease of Use: These transfer sheets are easy to apply. Simply place the sheet onto your polymer clay surface, then rinse off the paper to leave behind the transferred design. Check out this step-by-step transfer sheet tutorial and video! 

Pattern Size: Each set includes four sheets, each featuring a pattern measuring approximately 4 x 5 inches.

Color Variations: Keep in mind that the colors on the digital representations seen here may appear slightly different when applied to your clay. Additionally, the baking process may introduce subtle color variations, which is normal for water-soluble transfer sheets.

Recommended Clay: For optimal results, use these transfer sheets on white polymer clay. The white background ensures that the transferred pattern stands out effectively. The clay should also be well-conditioned and sticky. Avoid using Sculpey Soufflé due to its lower stickiness.  

Returns: We accept returns of this product only if all four sheets are returned in their original, unused condition. Please see our Return Policy if you have any questions.

What are water-soluble transfer sheets, and how do they work?

Water-soluble transfer sheets are a creative tool used in polymer clay crafting. They feature colorful printed patterns that can be transferred onto polymer clay. Simply place the sheet onto the clay, apply water, and the design transfers, leaving you with beautiful, intricate patterns.

What type of clay should I use with these transfer sheets?

It's recommended to use white or light-colored polymer clay as the base color. White clay works exceptionally well, as it allows the base color to show through the pattern. However, avoid using dry clays like Sculpey Soufflé due to its lower stickiness, as it may not hold the transfer as effectively.

How do I ensure a clean transfer of the design?

To achieve a clean and detailed transfer, ensure that the clay slab is sticky and well-conditioned. Gently rub the transfer sheet onto the clay to secure it in place. Avoid using your fingers or tools to move the paper backing during the initial transfer.

What should I do if some paper remains after rinsing the clay?

If you notice bits of paper adhered to the pattern after rinsing, simply allow the clay to dry completely. After baking, you can gently rub and rinse the clay to remove any remaining paper remnants.

Can I cut the transfer sheet for smaller designs?

Yes, you can absolutely cut the transfer paper to create smaller designs or use just a portion of the pattern at once.

How do I prevent smudging of the transferred design?

The transferred design may smudge until it's baked, so it's best to avoid handling the clay or touching the transferred pattern if possible. Optionally, you can dust the design with cornstarch to help set the ink before cutting shapes and baking.

Should I seal the design after baking?

Sealing the design with your preferred sealant is optional, though it can be particularly beneficial for items like earrings or wearable art. This step adds an extra layer of protection to enhance the longevity of your polymer clay creations.

Where can I find a video tutorial for using these transfer sheets?

You can find a written and video tutorial here, which visually walks you through the entire process, ensuring you achieve the best results.

How long does it take to process and ship orders?

All our tools are made to order, and our processing time, or turnaround time, is up to ten business days. Please keep this timeframe in mind when placing your order, and we appreciate your patience as we craft your tools to meet our quality standards.

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