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Monstera Leaves Texture Sheet

Monstera Leaves Texture Sheet

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Rubber texture sheet with monstera leaf embossing details. (When pressed into clay, the pattern will appear to stand out.) 

Approximate size of the sheet is 7 cm x 10 cm (2.8 in x 3.9 in) 

Seen here with the 3 cm Brandy trapezoid outline cutter, 4 cm Boho Lunar Arch outline cutter, 4 cm Miya rounded diamond outline cutter, and the 5 cm Amber geometric teardrop outline cutter. 

This pattern is also available as a Silk Screen

To use: 

- Roll your clay slab out thicker than you'd like it to end up as the process of pressing the texture into it will thin your slab. 

- Optional: Dust your clay with a little bit of corn starch to prevent sticking

- Press or roll clay into the texture sheet OR press or roll the texture sheet into your clay. Both ways work well. It's just a matter of personal preference. 

Handwash texture sheets with warm water, soap, and a gentle scrub brush when necessary. 

All tools are made to order. Processing time is up to 7 days.  

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